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Asia Alleyne

Who is Asia Alleyne… well she’s a veteran, a wife, a mother, a creator, a photographer, a people pleaser, Aries and lives her life guided by a set of basic principles: Integrity first, Service before self, and if yuh wan good yuh nose haffi run!


Asia was born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York to Karl and Jannell “Lady Finnesse” Robertson. Her father worked and her mother loved her community and performing on the stage at various Jamaican comedies and musical performances.


Asia graduated from Vaughn College of Aeronautics with an Associate and Bachelor of Aircraft Maintenance Management. Later inspired by her mentors, she joined the US Air Force and served for over 10 years to become a Technical Sergeant before getting married and starting her family.


Now as a wife and mom of two girls, Asia enjoys photography and running her local small business in Prince George’s, Maryland.


It was her mother’s influence and untimely passing that led her into Military  Service and helped her discover her love for photography.


“Only now do I understand the gravity and the depth of the love a mama holds. The sacrifices. The endless well of love to try and fill the soul of a child. The prayers and wishes, hopes and dreams, whispered to the universe from a mother lips….”


That’s Asia Alleyne.

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