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The Time is Now!

We've done this before, we were here in 2014, after Mike Brown, Freddie Grey and countless others, with our community leaders and the Sheriff's Office, trying to prevent another killing of innocent Black Civilians.

We've done this before, we've asked for broad legislation to address systemic racism. 

We've done this before, we've protested across the country in every city. 

We're done. We're tired of being tired.

Its time to act. Please join us in demanding justice for George Floyd and countless other fallen black brothers and sisters.


When you sign our petition below, your message will be sent to Ben Cardin and Senator Chris Van Hollen.



Our ask is simple: Create an independent, in-house Inspector General for each district in Maryland. This special IG will detect, deter and fight abuse and misconduct within its Sherif's Office. 

We need all hands on deck to demand justice. The time for simple prayer and silence is over. You can help bring about an important change in our community to prevent the next George Floyd, Freddie Gray, and countless others. Please add your name to tell your Maryland Senators,

we are tired of being tired. 

Tell Ben

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Tell Chris

We need all hands on deck to demand justice

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